This state-of-the-art technology gives you the confidence that your videos will remain viewable – possibly forever. There is magic in film. A film is a record of history, mood, climate. That's why movies salvaged by digital technology are a huge achievement.

Tadeusz Konwicki at the premiere of digitally restored "Salto"

We invite you to the workshop of digital image restoration, which will take place in Warsaw October 10th-27th and November 13th-30th 2017.

This is a unique opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to work with digital restoration of films originally recorded on a photoconductor tape.

During the three weeks, involving lectures and exercises conducted by the most experienced practitioners and experts, the workshop participants will learn the entire process of restoration, from the scanning of archival material to re-archiving. They will also perform a restoration of a piece of film material with the use of professional tools.

The detailed program and application form